What Makes New York Style Pizza Unique?

What Makes New York-Style Pizza Unique?

Creating the perfect pizza is no small task. From sourcing the best toppings and ingredients to baking the ultimate crispy and seasoned crust, pizza formulation requires more research and effort than people realize. One of the most important factors for restaurant owners to consider is which pizza style to create. Some of the most popular pizza styles in America are the New York style, Chicago style, and Buffalo style. What makes them unique?

Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo uses the iconic New York style of pizza and creates a relaxed restaurant atmosphere that helps you enjoy the handcrafted pizza comfortably. But why did Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria choose the New York-style over the Chicago or Buffalo style of pizza? Let’s find out.


What is a New York-Style Pizza?

Three New York-style pizzas are laid out on a table at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo, UT

Layered with simple toppings and ingredients like mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and a choice of select meats, New York-style pizza’s thin crust complements the bold flavors.

New York-style pizza prioritizes the experience of eating and enjoying the pizza. This emphasis is one of the main reasons that New York-style pizza tends to be the most popular pizza style and influences why you are probably most familiar with this type. The simple toppings and New York-style sauce let each ingredient shine through and allow you to fully savor the pie.

The thin New York-style pizza crust is easier to eat than other styles, allowing on-the-go or more casual dining. In fact, one of the iconic qualities of New York-style pizza is how easily it can be folded in half and eaten by hand. This ease allows everyone to enjoy the pizza style in any setting and enjoy the colorful flavors.

With the fun and immersive New York style, you can fold the pizza and eat it with your friends while you use the arcade or watch fail videos on one of the many TVs at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria. Pizza is all about experience, and Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria gives you the experience of fun relaxation with authentic New York-style pizza that you can’t find elsewhere in Utah County.


Chicago-Style Pizza Vs. New York-Style Pizza

A slice of Chicago-style pizza is pulled up showcasing the cheesy inside

While New York-style pizza is known for its thin crust, Chicago pizza is known for its deep and thick cheesy crust. Chicago-style pizza often requires utensils to eat the thick crust and heavy cheese, while New York-style pizza is easier to eat with your hands. Although the Chicago style is much heavier, the deep-dish pizza is full of fun and exciting flavors that make it a favorite for many.

Both Chicago-style and New York-style pizzas have their advantages and disadvantages, but both pizza styles are classics in the pizza community. New York-style pizza is a great option for those who have dietary restrictions or who are wanting to eat healthier, less dense pizza. Chicago-style pizza is an excellent option for cheese lovers who want their pizza baked in as much cheese and seasoned crust as possible. Personal preference will determine which style is best. We recommend going out and trying both to find your ideal pizza style.


Buffalo-Style Vs. New York-Style Pizza

Buffalo-style is a little more similar to New York-style pizza than Chicago-style, but there are still some significant differences between the two pizza styles. Buffalo-style pizza is “characterized by a light, fluffy, almost focaccia-like crust, a semi-sweet sauce, copious amounts of mozzarella cheese, and exclusive use of cup-and-char pepperoni.” The sweeter sauce and fluffier crust set Buffalo-style pizza apart. Where New York-style is versatile and offers endless possibilities for toppings and sauces, Buffalo-style is limited to the more traditional, perfected sauce and classic pizza toppings to keep its incredible and unique flavor.

Although Buffalo-style pizza hasn’t spread as far throughout the United States like New York and Chicago pizza styles, it holds a distinctive and delicious taste that makes it a favorite for many food lovers in the pizza community.

Try Fat-Daddy's New York-Style Pizza

Man shows off a large slice of New York-style pizza from Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo, UT

If you want to find some authentic New York-style pizza in Provo, try Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria. Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria utilizes the versatility of the New York-style to create vegan and gluten-free pizza pies that might be more difficult to find in the Chicago or Buffalo styles. The New York-style we use allows everyone to feel included at our restaurant and provides a safe pizza restaurant for any gluten-free or vegan individuals that often feel left out of the pizza world. Come try Fat Daddy’s in Provo, UT today and fall in love with the New York style of pizza!


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