The Best Milkshakes In Utah

Shakes Stacked to the Sky

No matter the time of year, milkshakes are always in demand, especially when the milkshakes found at our little Provo restaurant easily stand as arguably the best milkshakes in Utah. Nowhere else will you find a more epic shake, stacked to the rim with delectable goodness. And, who wouldn’t want a slice of cake with their shake? At Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria, we seek to give you the king of milkshakes where one dessert isn’t enough.

Here are some of our mouth-watering milkshakes:

The After School Special

The After School cookie dough milkshake stacked with a chocolate chip covered rim, whipped cream, and Fat Daddy’s chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

The bell rings; school’s out! This after-school snack will leave any child with a smile, even if you’re only a child at heart. With a cookie dough milkshake at its core, this shake is layered to its peak with a vanilla icing rim rolled in chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a sweet cherry on top. To cap off this after-school sugar rush, Fat Daddy tops this shake with his famous chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. This shake easily earns an A+ for sweetness.

The Cowabunga

The Cowabunga with a grasshopper milkshake, chocolate crumble rim, whipped cream, and a 3-layer chocolate cake

A shake as enthusiastic as its namesake, the iconic Ninja Turtles would absolutely sign off on this green goodie. Although hitting your tongue with a minty grasshopper shake, a bold chocolate flavor helps balance this delectable treat. Crowned with a rim of chocolate frosting rolled in a chocolate cake crumble, the whipped cream on top of this milkshake is karate chopped by a thick, dense slice of Fat Daddy’s famous 3-layer chocolate cake and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The Cowabunga may not be lean, but it’s green, and it’s mean.

The Phone Home

The Phone Home peanut butter cup shake complete with a chocolate and Reeses Pieces rim, flourless chocolate torte, whipped cream.

E.T. would probably rather not “phone home” after one taste of this chocolatey treat. This peanut butter cup shake will have your taste buds dialing in with sweet tones of rich chocolate and salty, nutty goodness. Rimmed with smooth chocolate frosting rolled in Reese’s Pieces, a flourless chocolate torte (friendly to those who are gluten conscious) caps this go-to dessert. Add whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate fudge, and you’ve got the makings of an intergalactic attraction. There is something out of this world with this milkshake near you.

The O-REO Speedwagon

Cookies and Cream Milkshake topped with Oreo Mousse Cheesecake, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

Speed over to Fat Daddy’s and try out a classic milkshake flavor taken to epic proportions. This shake starts the race with a cookies and cream milkshake blended to perfect smoothness. A milk chocolate frosted rim is rolled up the track in Oreo cookie crumbs and topped off with whipped cream drizzled in chocolate syrup. To finish filling your tank, our O-REO Speedwagon crosses the finish line with a slice of Oreo Mousse cheesecake on top that is generously layered with an Oreo cookie crumble. This speedster leaves other milkshakes in the dust.

The Just Like Heaven

Salted Caramel Brownie Milkshake topped with Chocolate Mousse Cake

Heaven will never feel closer after a taste of this divine dessert. This milkshake is balanced with a combination of salted caramel and brownie that soars up the glass to a chocolate frosting halo covered in Skor bar toffee goodness. Passing through a cloud of whipped cream dripping with caramel syrup, this shake reaches its pearly gates with a rich chocolate mousse cake that will no doubt leave you with wings. Take a bite of heaven and see for yourself.

The Mango Tango

Spiced Mango Milkshake topped with Cheesecake and Mango Caramel Sauce

Dancing with this dessert isn’t just a simple sweet one-two step. This shake makes its first move with a spiced mango milkshake that twirls up the glass with a caramel drizzle swirl. Lined at its rim with vanilla frosting crusted in a graham cracker crumble, this mango delight lifts this dessert to another level with a slice of smooth cheesecake dripping with golden caramel sauce. This is a tropical dessert you don’t want to miss.

Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria, The King of Shakes

With only mentioning just a select few options for epic milkshakes, there is no question that here at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria, we take our shakes to another level. No doubt he stands as the reigning king of shakes here in Utah. With several more flavors than we mentioned, come find out what milkshake lovers are hyping about with our towering deserts. 

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