The 4 Most Creative Pizzas – EVER!

The 4 Most Creative Pizzas – EVER!

A man throwing pizza dough in the air and spreading pizza sauce in a restaurant kitchen

It’s safe to say that when we all think of pizza, we think of a classic foundation: crust, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese. We can also expect common toppings from most pizzerias – pepperoni being the standard, but if you’re asking yourself, “who has the best pizza near me?” look no further. Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo, Utah, knows creative flavor combinations like no other pizzeria.

Most agree that the people here in Utah, especially Provo, are always on the lookout to taste something new and unique. Well, in our humble (yet correct) opinion, you’ll find the best pizza in Provo (and perhaps Utah) at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria. Why? The quality of our ingredients and the creativity of our chef.

The Proof is in the Pizza

One of the staples in our flavor combinations boils down to the onions – true, caramelized onions. Real caramelization is a long and slow process that takes hours to truly transform the sugars inside of the onion and bring out its real bold flavor. It’s a skill almost forgotten by many but is hard to forget once you’ve tasted the difference. Because of this, the upgraded flavor to even our most basic of pizzas is noteworthy and remarkable.

Among other chef-quality flavors, we take the time to implement sautéed mushrooms, slow-cooked pulled pork, and roasted peppers. These ingredients add a heightened experience of flavor that you can’t replicate (at least with the same level of attention) at any other pizzeria Utah has to offer. Now that we’ve talked the talk, let’s walk the walk. Here are just four of our most creative flavors found on Fat Daddy’s Pizza menu:

#1. Buffalo Bill

Fat Daddy’s Buffalo Chicken Bacon pizza drizzled in barbecue sauce on parchment paper

Football season may come to a close, but that doesn’t mean your craving for wings needs to. This is where the Buffalo Bill pizza scores the touchdown. This is an elevated take on buffalo chicken bacon pizza with some subtle yet key players. Here at Fat Daddy’s, we balance the smokiness of the bacon with a mild blue cheese crumble. We then bring it home with a unique spicy marinara and buffalo sauce that completes the pass. Next time you’re looking for a solid chicken bacon ranch pizza nearby, head over to Fat Daddy’s for something even better. This flavor combo will curb that game time craving immediately. 

#2. The Phat Daddy

Fat Daddy’s Phat Daddy Pizza covered in fries, mac and cheese, steak, pickles, and fry sauce on a pizza tray with parchment paper

Can I get some fries with that? With The Phat Daddy, we test the limits of stigmas by combining two American classics: fries and pizza. Hold your judgment, though, because if you think this pizza has “casual fast food” written all over it, think again. With the addition of steak and bacon, you will be taken back by how these savory, tender meats harmonize with the sweet tones of caramelized onions and roasted bell peppers. To jazz things up, we turned up the heat with your choice of cherry or banana peppers. Lastly, this pizza crescendos to its finale after we drizzle it in our Fat Daddy’s secret sauce. There’s no doubt our Phat Daddy Pizza will live up to its name!

#3. The Garden of Eatin’

Fat Daddy’s Garden of Eatin’ vegetable pizza topped with spinach, arugula, olives, and artichokes on a pizza pan

If you’re hoping for a pizza that won’t cause you to repent later, the Garden of Eatin’ leaves you in paradise. The serenity of this pizza comes from the flavorful combination of veggies – that’s right: no meat! It won’t bother you once you dive in. Beyond the peppers, olives, and mushrooms that you would expect from a vegetarian pizza, we perfected this heavenly host with the earthy flavor of artichokes. We also created balance by adding some peppery notes of arugula and covered any naked spot with spinach leaves. After one bite, you will never want to leave this garden.

#4. The Four Horsemen

Fat Daddy’s Four Horsemen Pizza topped with jalapeños, cherry peppers, banana peppers, and chipotle sauce on a pizza pan under parchment paper

Need some heat in your life? For those fire-breathing spice lovers, Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria has a pizza that will ignite your taste buds. Cue The Four Horsemen. Priming the pump, we cover this crust in spicy marinara, aged mozzarella, pepperoni, and sausage. We then set it aflame with our four horsemen: fresh jalapeños, cherry peppers, banana peppers, and deep-fried jalapeños (yes, one type of jalapeño isn’t enough). To be sure we get your temperature rising, we finish it off with a honey-chipotle sauce that gives just a hint of sweetness to keep your mouth craving more. This pizza is exploding with flavor and burns an impression in your mind as to who has the best pizza nearby.

There’s More Where That Came From

These are only a few of the unique and truly remarkable flavors found here at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo. Choosing which bold flavor of pizza you want from Fat Daddy’s pizza menu will be hard enough; fitting everything into your stomach will be another thing! Hope you’re up to the challenge. See you soon!

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