What Makes Fat Daddy’s the Best Pizza in Utah

Let’s face it, Utah – pizza joints seem to be a dime a dozen, especially when we’re talking about restaurants in Utah County. One of the gems you may not be aware of is Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria. We may be new, but there’s a reason we’re gaining traction as a contender for the best pizza in Utah. So, what’s all the hype about?


What Sets Us Apart

Our Provo restaurant is serving a slice of the Big Apple to Utah Valley.

When it comes to the best pizza, the endless battle comes down to New York-style Pizza vs. Chicago deep dish. We aren’t even going to go there…because we already know New York-style pizza wins 😉 Besides, with “authenticity” being a current buzzword, New York is where American pizza all began; you don’t get much more authentic than that. Holding onto those roots is just the beginning of what makes Fat Daddy’s pizza stand out.


Not Just Any New York-Style Pizza

Taste Built On Quality

…And the quality of Fat Daddy’s Pizza is built on the details.

The key to a true New York-Style pizza is the hand-tossed thin crust that’s crisp and flaky on the outside yet soft and tender at its core. This contrasts the Chicago-style crust that’s pressed into a deep-dish pan to allow thick layers of toppings…again, that’s all we’ll say about Chicago here. Back to REAL pizza:

At Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria, we pride ourselves on the quality and time that goes into our ingredients. Unlike many of the cheap chains floating around, we layer our Provo pizza with genuine roasted vegetables, caramelized onions, and unique combinations of sauces and toppings – not to mention we don’t merely slap some meat on the top and call it good. Instead, we meld it with other flavors. We give enough attention to the meat’s flavor as if it needed to stand on its own. Simply put, we ensure that our meat brings more than just protein to the party.


Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria: a Diamond in the Rough of Provo

Locally, it could be said that Provo has earned the name “Dating Town, U.S.A.” As such, bachelors and bachelorettes are constantly on the lookout for that new place to break the ice. With casual vibes and a fun atmosphere combined with chef-quality flavor and delicious food, those first dates at Fat Daddy’s may just turn into diamonds. Hint hint.

Our Provo restaurant stands as a little-known secret that we don’t want to keep hidden any longer. With all the comings and goings in local food, one thing you can be sure of is that Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria is here to stay. Next time you are about to type “what’s the best pizza near me?” look no further than Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria


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