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Fat Daddy Articles

Handcrafted pasta sits in separated piles waiting to be cooked
Why Handcrafted Pasta Is Superior

Pasta has a rich history as an edible art form. Let’s look into why handcrafted pasta is so important in the culinary world and what makes it unique!

A hand grabs and folds a slice of New York-style pizza from Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo, UT
What Makes New York Style Pizza Unique?

Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes. What makes New York-style pizza extraordinary? Read more to find out!

Arcade games and a family enjoying a pizza lunch special at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo, UT
The Return of the Dining Experience

As restaurants continue bringing back dine-in options, learn what makes a great dining experience and which qualities to look for in your restaurant search.

Three hand crafted pizza lunch specials from Fat Daddy’s Pizza in Provo
What Makes a Great Pizza Lunch Special — Provo’s Best Lunch Special

A great pizza lunch special makes the workday go faster and saves you money. Fat Daddy’s Pizza in Provo has one of the best pizza lunch specials around!

A Neapolitan-style pizza from Italy, where pizza originated, topped with basil and tomatoes sitting on a wooden peel
5 Ways To Know You’re Eating Quality Pizza

Pizza is one of America’s top foods, and many people are searching for the best pizza in Utah. But how can you tell the quality of one pizza from another?

An oven-baked marinara pizza with mozzarella cheese slices, tomatoes, and basil on a wood slab next to the oven fire
The History of Pizza

Learn where pizza originated and explore the history of everyone’s favorite dish. See how pizza has grown over the years to what it is today at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria!

Fat Daddy’s Chocolate Milk Shake stacked with chocolate crumble, whipped cream, chocolate brownie cake, and a cherry on top.
The Best Milkshakes In Utah

Discover what makes Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria the #1 spot to find the best milkshakes in Utah, complete with towering goodness and epic flavors.

Fat Daddy’s Phat Daddy Pizza covered in fries, mac and cheese, steak, pickles, and fry sauce on a pizza tray with parchment paper
The 4 Most Creative Pizzas – EVER!

Discover unique flavors at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria – the best pizza in Provo, Utah! With chef-quality ingredients and creative flavors, everyone can enjoy.

What Makes Fat Daddy’s the Best Pizza in Utah

What Makes Fat Daddy’s the Best Pizza in Utah Let’s face it, Utah – pizza joints seem to be a dime a dozen, especially when we’re talking about restaurants in Utah County. One of the gems you may not be aware of is Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria. We may be new, but there’s a reason we’re gaining traction as a contender…